Melmarus Cadacroy

Known as: Melmarus
Gender: none
Pronouns: she/her
Type: Agrilthean
Powers: Unforma

Tentacled frill around face
Four small, almost vestigal arms in addition to main arms

Melmarus is the partner (in life and business) of Serick. They roam the land hunting for treasure and kissing cuties.

Melmarus’ species, the agriltheans, are hermaphroditic like molluscs. Melmarus chooses to use female pronouns because her beloved Serick does too, and Melmarus wanted to be like her friend.

In battle, Melmarus is unexpectedly brutal – most land dwellers don’t take her seriously until it’s too late, because she’s a little ungainly on land and her non-combat persona is disarmingly nice. Melmarus is the person in a group who says ‘keep going, I’m still listening’ after everyone else has stopped paying attention.

Agriltheans living on land will periodically exude slime to keep their skin in good condition out of water. Melmarus’ is colourless and smells of seaweed.