Phealthus Varin

Known as: Varin. (Only referred to as Phealthus if more than one Varin is present.)
Gender: none
Pronouns: it/its
Type: Agrilthean
Powers: Frost

Chitinous faceplates that close into a seamless ‘mask’
Six catfish whisker-like prehensile protrusions on lower lip

Varin is a surprisingly timid demon considering it’s a 9 foot-tall fucked up tentacle beast. It could kill you easily but would rather not. It doesn’t care for any human gender words, so it’ll take ‘it’ as a pronoun.

Varin breathes (in air or in water) through spiracles on its neck when its faceplates are closed. When the plates are closed, it cannot see, and cannot smell much (the plates don’t form an airtight seal, so some scent particles will get in) or hear much (its ear openings are inside the plates), and its speech is muffled (it rarely speaks with plates closed), and navigates almost entirely by touch. Even when its faceplates are closed it will still turn its head to ‘look’ at you with unnerving accuracy. Its two arm-like tentacles, and to a lesser extent its four small ‘arms’, have a sense of proprioception and touch comparable to human arms (or elephant trunks might be a better comparison, as it has no fingers). Its big tentacles used for propulsion are more like an octopus’s in that they are sensitive but cannot easily discern the shape of a handled object by touch alone.

In the demon world, Varin can also ‘swim’ through the air, but cannot fly at any great altitude. Varin can’t do this in the human world because there isn’t enough magic around, and can only slither on land or swim through water.
Despite its wariness of humans, it has been known to ferry human travellers across bodies of water.