Clashcradyne FAQ/TOU

FAQ – characters and species

May I design my own ontos, agrilthean, cromnar, or rathameldhontel?

Yes; they’re open species!

How do you pronounce Murgatranthes?

Like pseudo Ancient Greek, to rhyme with ‘burger van’, ‘trees’.

How do you pronounce Serick’s full name?

Pretty much how it’s spelled. Here it is broken into syllables:
Hex-trel-af-tron-ite, Ser-ick-te-ruft-rug, Tor-gen-or-i-el. (hard g)

What’s the difference between an ontos and a pedre-ontos?

A retcon.

When I first created Murgatranthes, Silrathus et al, they had a different design and ‘pedre-ontos’ was their species name. An individual was an ‘ontos’. In 2012 I changed their design and their terminology: the species name is now ‘ontos’, and it’s the same in singular and plural. ‘Pedre-ontos’ is now the name of the ancestral species from which modern ontos evolved in-universe.


FAQ – setting

What is Clashcradyne?

It’s the name for my demon-occupied headworld, and is what 95% of my illustrated art is about.

What does ‘Clashcradyne’ mean?

It doesn’t mean anything, I just thought it sounded cool. The word is an umbrella term for referring to all aspects of my main headworld and it doesn’t actually exist in-universe.

In brief, what’s the concept?

Clashcradyne is an AU (or three, in a sense). In this setting, there are three universes: human (plus any extraterrestrials sharing it with us), fae, infernal. Travel is possible between the three universes.

All three universes contain magic. The reason our universe has apparently no magic is that it is vast. The magic is spread so thinly it’s unusable. The fae and infernal universes are tiny enough that magic is dense enough to exploit as an energy source.

The enemies of demons are not the angels (angels are simply demons with good PR). The enemies of the demons are the fae. Humans are overall neutral in this conflict, though there are of course humans who make deals with one side or another. Demons allow themselves to be summoned by humans on condition that the humans help them if the demon world ever goes to war again.

What’s the difference between a demon and a fairy?

To the casual observer, perhaps not much. (Clashcradyne fae are not the Victorian/Disneyfied version of fairies – they are the eldritch and heartless monstrosities from older folklore.) You can form contracts with both (not at the same time; that won’t end well), both will probably find it funny to trick you, and both will probably exploit any loopholes possible in your contract. The main difference is that demons can be summoned by humans thanks to an old pact between the two worlds. Most humans have forgotten but demons have not. Plus, demons are mostly flesh-and-blood creatures with fixed forms, whereas fae are more unbound and changing.

Dragons were originally infernal but defected to the world of the fae.

When is Clashcradyne set?

Now. The Earth part is mostly the same as real life but with a few divergences from real history.


(For the purposes of brevity, the word ‘clashcrad’ in the following text is shorthand for “ontos, agrilthean, rathameldhontel or cromnar”.)

You may design your own clashcrad, or make a clashcrad version of your existing character.

You may make a half-clashcrad, half something else character. You may make a clashcrad to pair with an existing character of yours, and design their offspring.

You may make clashcrad adoptables/custom designs to sell or trade. You must make it clear to potential buyers that they can design a clashcrad by themselves for free, and that I am the creator of the species.

You may not stop your adoptable/custom buyers from reselling the design, nor stop them from selling it for more than they bought it.

Rarity isn’t restricted; if you want to design a clashcrad that only has super-rare features for its species, you may.

You are free to deviate from the species guidelines, but I’m also free to declare your design non-canon within the Clashcradyne setting if I feel it’s no longer within the spirit of it.

You can copy the following ideas for your own story or setting with no need for attribution, and no need to declare it as part of or inspired by the Clashcradyne setting:

  • the triple universe system;
  • the division of three universes into human, demon and fae;
  • the concept of fairies and demons being enemies;
  • the concept of fae and demons occupying separate universes;
  • the concept of the human world/universe containing an amount of magic spread so thin as to be undetectable;
  • the concept of demons working for humans on condition that the humans assist them against the fairies or another enemy.