Serick Torgenoriel

Known as: Serick
Gender: none
Pronounds: she/her
Type: Cromnar
Powers: Unforma magic, immense physical strength

Larger than normal horns for a cromnar

Serick (she normally signs her name as H Serick Torgenoriel) is the partner (in life and business) of Melmarus. They roam the land hunting for treasure, taking commissions from people not strong enough to go hunting for their own treasure, and kissing cuties. They’re ostensibly mercenaries too but if you commission them to kill someone what will usually happen is that they’ll go and tell the target you’ve done so and either play you off against each other for their own amusement, or they’ll team up with the target and kick your ass (because if you’re taking out contracts on people you’re probably not a very nice person).

Serick’s horns can be any style. The big cornflower-blue ones are her natural ones, but she had them sawn off, cauterised and fitted with screw threads, so she can remove them and screw an alternative set in their place. She had several casts made of her original set too and painted them differently so she can quickly swap out colours. If you become close friends with her she’ll give you a set of cast horns to paint for her.