Agrilthean: One of the inhabitants of the demon world (plural is agriltheans). These many-tentacled monstrosities are powerful mages.

Cromnar: One of the inhabitants of the demon world (plural is cromnari). These demons are small but immensely strong and grow furry winter coats.

Demon: An inhabitant of the Infernal universe.

Dragon: Beings that were originally infernal but defected to the fae.

Fae: An inhabitant of the Ethereal universe.

Ethereal universe: One of the Three. Inhabited by fairies.

Infernal universe: One of the Three. Inhabited by demons.

Ontos: One of the inhabitants of the demon world (plural is ontos, same as singular). Tesco-value demons.

Pedre-ontos: An artificially created kind of demon, and ancestor to the ontos. These scaly and feathery demons were created to expedite conquest of the human world. Their magic was very stable and did not become volatile or lose much strength in the human world. However, they weren’t mindlessly obedient as they were supposed to be, and turned on their creators.

Primal universe: The oldest and biggest of the Three, and the one you live in.

Progenitorship: (of demons)
Hellspawn: the result of normal gamete-based reproduction, just like unfernal creatures.
Fusion: the result of two parents who are too disparate to reproduce normally, and must resort to fusing their magical essences in order to produce a child.
Ascension: former unfernal creatures who became demons through magical means.

Rathameldhontel: One of the inhabitants of the demon world (plural is rathameldhontel, same as singular). These scaly demons are reclusive and live in swamps.

Summoner: Humans who summon demons for fun and profit. Many summoners learn to conjure magic of their own, but they will never be as adept at it as a demon, who are naturally magical creatures. Demons allow themselves to be summoned by humans on condition that the humans assist them should the fae ever make another push to conquer the demon world. By summoning demons you’re automatically drafting yourself into any potential fae/demon war. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Unfernal: Not infernal. Humans and fae are unfernal.

Unforma: Elementally neutral magic.