Silrathus Ethalantes

Known as: Silrathus, Ratu or Ethel
Gender: Seml
Pronouns: she/her
Type: Ontos, some minotaur ancestry
Powers: Fire (hellfire) (formerly thunder and fire)

Slit pupils
Fringe of long scales at jaw hinge
Asymmetrical marking
No tail fluke

Silrathus’s typical mood is either stoically neutral or gently irritated with the world in general. She’s reliable and dependable, loyal to her friends and faithful to her summoners. (If you summon Silrathus and form a contract with her, she will not defect or leave until the terms of the contract are fulfilled or you break them.) As long as you’re not going out of your way to be a guffbeak, Ratu is quite easy to get along with, if not easy to like.

Silrathus, like nearly all ontos, was born with powers of thunder. Most ontos are very proud of their thunder, but Silrathus always secretly preferred her secondary element of fire, and ended up sacrificing her thunder for increased powers of fire. Element conversion is a risky procedure, and Silrathus was lucky that the only side effect was the acquisition of her red markings.

Silrathus has three pet vaactics, called Thebel, Exil and Arqa. Vaactics are guinea pig-sized swamp-dwelling creatures with an ecological niche somewhere between a rat, a frog and a squirrel. Ratu bought Thebel as a miner’s canary for her alchemy lab, then became fond of the little creature, moved her into her house and bought her a couple of little friends. Silrathus now considers herself a fan of small beasts, and they seem to quite like her too.