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Shin Megami Tensei III demon reviews

Here's our first single-demon update. Shikigami has no evolutionary line. Its face does resemble Shiki-Ouji (whom we'll review later) somewhat, but they're different enough demons that I decided not to group them together. (However, Shiki-Ouji's design in earlier SMT games is actually identical to Shikigami's design from SMT III! In SMT III, Shiki-Ouji got given a unique design of its own.)

Brute Shikigami

"A common demon often used by Japanese sorcerers called onmyoji. They are used for many things, from common household chores to cursing others."


SMT III game model


Atlus official artwork

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Shikigami in Japanese folklore are invisible most of the time. They can be made visible by binding them into folded and cut paper. I love this one! Making a folded piece of paper look monstrous must have been a hard design brief for Kaneko, but he rose to the occasion. Shikigami looks rather like a deep-sea creature with its tentacles and antennae, and rather like a welwitschia plant with its long trailing split leaves. I also appreciate its friendly little face.

Shikigami is always a welcome addition to my pre-Shibuya party in SMT III. An absolutely flawless monster!






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