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Shin Megami Tensei III demon reviews

Today's review is four demons who serve only as fusion fodder. With judicious application of elements, you can turn a demon into another one of the same 'genus'. In fact, it's the only way some demons can be obtained. Elements are impossible to recruit in the wild, and the only way to obtain them is to either create them yourself or buy them from the enigmatic Rag in exchange for gems.

Element Erthys

"A living embodiment of one of the for major elements: earth."


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Erthys is the most visually interesting of the four elements in my opinion. Not only is it the only one of the four not floating in the air, but it's the only one that actually has any arms. It has just the one arm at that, which makes it more interesting for its asymmetry. I also find its face more endearing than the other 3, with its sharp planes, imperfect cranium and its pizza-slice eyes. Those little pieces of floating rock also frame it nicely!

It's more of a 'rock' monster than an 'earth' monster, but it's a good little earth monster.


Element Aeros

"A living embodiment of one of the for major elements: wind."


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It's always going to be hard to design a creature that embodies wind, because we can't actually see wind itself. I'd love it if Aeros was an invisible creature that we could only perceive by its 'shell' of windborne debris constantly billowing around it, but that was probably a tall ask for the PS2.

A hovering green elf man doesn't really work as a wind monster for me. Maybe I'd like it more if it had some leaves zipping around it instead of slow wispy blobs. Or if it was the bright green of noxious cartoon farts.


Element Aquans

"A living embodiment of one of the for major elements: water."


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Aquans is pretty boring. It's a blue water person. I quite like the fact that it's generating a puddle, though.


Element Flaemis

"A living embodiment of one of the for major elements: fire."


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And as a follow up to the blue water person, we have an orange fire person. It's pretty boring.

I don't have much to say about the elements. They're only ingredients, after all.






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