Sludge Town



Bum sounds

It's exactly what you think it is.

The random colour page

It does what it says on the tin.


I compiled the sweary insults from Lingmops' song Suborbital Battle Vagina (on which I supplied the 'hello' vocals) and made a lil mashup generator with them. Here it is.

Don't Touch the Hazelnut

My first Inform7 game. There's no win condition, but if you want one, type 'win'.


My first Twine game, made for one of Sophie Houlden's game jams. (It looks plop on mobile, I'm afraid, and I have no intention of fixing it.)

Fuck it

I found a stupid website so I made fun of it. I decided to keep the page up because an interviewer once said it made him snort tea onto his keyboard.

Ikea Adventures

Go on a random Ikea adventure!


A place where I dump unsorted images, text files etc. that might or might not be interesting.